Goals and contents

Information about the families Schuringa
There is more then one family Schuringa.
For me is it not possible to find a link for these different families. There is a story that there were three brothers who came from Germany in 1400. And from this three brothers are the families.

There are one old family from de province Friesland.
Another family come from the city Veendam in de Province Groningen.
The third family is coming from the north in the province Groningen.
The oldest people of all these families are from around 1600.
My own family is from the north of the province Groningen.
The name of this part is ' Ommelanden '.

I found a lot of people by this three main streams.
Near 2200 persons. But I have a lot of small parts from this family.

In the early years the families lived in Friesland and Groningen.
But in the last 80 years the families going out over hole the Netherlands.
And they lived in every city. Some families emigrated to America, Canada and Australia.
Some in the 18e century.

My family is from the stream Hoogeland. The oldest man how I now is;
Kornelis Jans Schuringa, born round 1670. He was married ( 3 July 1693 ) with Aaltyn Jacobs Vonck.
These people had three children. Jan Kornelis christening as child 1695 ,+ 1766, Jacob Kornelis , Aafke Kornelis .

Targets and goals
I have made two big genealogies. One of the family of the Hoogeland. One of the family from Friesland and Veendam and Drenthe. And some small parts. There are no lived people in this files, this about the privacy.

I want have all the names of the family. And you can help me greatly if you me give some parts of the puzzle.

I give you information Give me your name, the name of your parents and grandparents. The birthdays and the places werethey were born. And I shall see if there are connections with my files. If there are connections I give you my information about your family tree.

If you see family of you in de trees on this website, sent me an E-mail.
The family Schuringa is an very interesting family with a lot of stories.